Our dog Sasha loves these treats! She can be sensitive to some treats, like rawhide bones, they upset her system for days! So we are careful about what we give her and these treats are one of the few that do the job! Nice to know they are made in the USA and with fresh ingredients. Keep up the great treats! ~ Leah

My Golden Retriever, Sadie, loves these treats!! Sadie has a sensitive stomach so I feel good when providing my dog with a healthy treat that she absolutely loves. What a great idea to include Cricket Protein in dog treats… Sadie loves them!!! ~ Jennifer

Our Lhasa Apso is allergic to chicken & I’ve always had a hard time finding healthy treats for him that don’t contain chicken meal. This product has been wonderful!! I’m so glad my friend told me about you & so is our dog!! ~ Nakao

In the past we had great difficulty in finding a food that did not cause our little Chelsea to itch and scratch constantly. Once we found one, we stuck with it. We are extremely pleased with Cricket Kitchen pet treats. Chelsea absolutely loves these treats and has no reactions whatsoever. It is gratifying to know that there is a wholesome, healthy, and sustainable pet treat that is made right here in the USA. Thank you Cricket Kitchen! ~ Annie & Michael


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