Our Story

Our “forever dog” rescue, Max, inspired the creation of Cricket Kitchen…

Max was smart, well trained, sneaky and a true beauty – inside and out. After running through a litany of names we landed on the perfect fit – Maxwell Smart, aka Max. With this sweet, wonderful rescue in mind we wanted nutritious and delicious treats for not only Max but all dogs and Cricket Kitchen was born.

How Max found us:

We’re strong believers in the concept of “rescuing” dogs and Max was our second. We spent months combing through dog profiles looking for our next family pet. We called and called and each dog had already found their new home. We decided to leave our dog search “out in the universe.” A few weeks later we heard from the first shelter we had contacted saying “we found your dog!” We initially weren’t sure he was the one for us. Through our son’s encouragement we decided to give him a try. We agreed to a 2-week trial period, but after the first week we knew we had found our “forever” dog, Maxwell Smart!

Cricket protein in a dog treat?

Once Max stole our hearts we started looking for nutritious high-protein treats. We’re picky when it comes to Max and next thing we knew we were experimenting with making our own. We discovered packing our treats with Crickets would add the protein and it is also eco-freindly. Yes, you read that correctly, Crickets. It is an amazing protein that is gaining popularity in both pet and human food. We are very proud to be among the first to create dog treats that offer cricket-based protein while also being mindful of our planet.

Cheers to Maxwell Smart and all dogs! We’re thrilled to provide a treat every dog owner can feel good about giving to their dog.