About Us

Healthy treats while changing the world for the better.

Cricket Kitchen was born out of a desire to provide pets with a healthy treat while acting as stewards of our natural resources.

Cricket Kitchen offers healthy, nutritious, protein-proficient dog treats. These treats are made with fresh ingredients, keeping animal health in mind and also include a sustainable and responsible source of protein – CRICKETS.

Only the best for your best friend!

We use only natural ingredients and do not add any preservatives or fillers. Our treats provide high-impact protein, fiber, calcium, iron and the essential amino acids.

Our Community

Paws for Purple Hearts

Here at Cricket Kitchen we also have a passion for giving back to our community.

We are big fans of both our pets and our vets! We’re proud to support: Paws for Purple Hearts.

A portion of our proceeds are donated to this worthy cause. They have built an amazing mechanism that allows veterans to train dogs to support other veterans with disabilities.

Their motto: Veterans helping veterans.

Check them out: pawsforpurplehearts.org